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Stories Behind the Scents Series: Bringing Memories to Life with Barber Shop

In the heartwarming glow of candlelight, every flame tells a story, every scent holds a memory. Today, we’re beyond excited to share a cherished chapter from our new Stories Behind the Scents series, shining the spotlight on a fragrance that’s incredibly close to our hearts—Barber Shop. This isn't just another scent; it’s a bridge to the past, a connection to two remarkable souls who’ve shaped our lives in ways words can barely capture.

My grandfather was more than a family member to me; he was my best friend, my first soulmate. Even though it's been five years since he passed, the memories we shared are as vivid and comforting as ever. From hiking through the whispering woods to sharing laughter over old movies, every moment spent with him was a treasure. I miss him deeply.

Similarly, Nic holds dear memories of his grandfather, affectionately known as “Poppy”. Nic’s stories of their fishing adventures on the serene lakes of Northern Wisconsin, their golfing escapades, and countless other sweet moments are shared with such fondness and warmth. It’s these narratives, filled with love and nostalgia, that bring us closer not just to each other but to the essence of what we aim to capture in our candles.

Inspired by the profound connection we both felt with our grandfathers, we embarked on a heartfelt mission. We wanted to create a scent that would encapsulate the spirit of those precious times, a fragrance that could transport us back to the days of joy and companionship we spent with them. With a few precious artifacts in hand—my grandfather's cologne and Nic’s vivid sensory memories of Poppy—we set out to craft something special.

Working closely with our fragrance supplier, we poured our memories, our stories, into the creation of Barber Shop. This scent is a homage to the classic masculinity and warmth of an old-time barber shop. It’s a blend that resonates with the notes of aftershave and the clean, crisp essence of care and grooming. Each time we breathe in Barber Shop, we’re enveloped in a cloud of nostalgia, instantly transported back to those invaluable moments spent with our grandfathers.

It’s remarkable how scents have the power to unlock memories, to stir emotions deep within our hearts. Barber Shop was born out of love, remembrance, and the desire to keep the spirit of our beloved grandfathers alive. It’s more than a scent; it’s a tribute, a way for us to say, “You’re always with us.”

We hope that Barber Shop evokes not only the memories of our grandfathers in our hearts but also inspires you to reminisce about your own cherished moments with loved ones. Each candle we create is a story, a memory, a whisper of the past, glowing warmly into our lives.

Stay tuned for more stories from our Stories Behind the Scents series, where every scent has a story, waiting to be told, waiting to touch your life in the most beautiful ways imaginable.

Here’s to the memories we cherish and the stories yet to be told. Here’s to keeping the flame of the past burning brightly, warming our hearts with love and remembrance.

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